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All treatments start with an initial consultation period. During this time, I learn more about your background, prior treatment history, and your current needs, and you have a chance to see what it might feel like for us to work together. The goal of the consultation period is to collaborate on a treatment plan that may include regular psychotherapy with me, and if necessary, psychiatric medications. A full consultation usually takes two to three visits to complete.


I see most of my patients for psychotherapy one to three times weekly. Although I am trained in a variety of psychotherapy modalities including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical-behavioral therapies, I generally use a relationally-informed psychodynamic approach that emphasizes expanding self-awareness and reflecting on the therapeutic relationship to help patients make lasting, meaningful change in their lives.


I use evidence-based psychopharmacology to guide treatment, and emphasize collaboration and open communication in our treatment relationship so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about the medications that might be most helpful for you. Medication issues are addressed during regular psychotherapy appointments. 

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